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Your Royal Madness - Moomins At The Funfair

Moomins at The Funfair

Official Your Royal Madness single Moomins at The Funfair from album "I"

Released 27.6.2014

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About Us

Your Royal Madness was formed in 2010 in Vantaa, Finland. After Profuse was buried, Mirka and Mr. Jones decided to keep on rockin! Guitarist friend of Mr. Jones (from the times of Yearning and Absent Silence) Matti was asked to join in and things slowly started to happen. An internet ad helped them to find Juha as a drummer and Rude, old friend, was chosen to play the bass.

Our music is intense and melodic metal-frosted hard rock with soulful female vocals. We offer you atmospheric keyboards and melodic guitars based on a groovy rhythm section. “Royal” stands for massiveness and grandiosity, “Madness” for freaking out and breaking the genre boundaries. Lyrics are telling mainly about courage, self-esteem and love. Your Royal Madness is a noble fool!

You might hear influences from Arcturus, Muse, Faith No More, Pink Floyd, Guns ‘n’ Roses, just to mention a few... Black and death metal have also acted a major role in our composers lives, so it can be heard sometimes.

Your Royal Madness’ members have also played in these bands: Yearning, Profuse, Absent Silence, Dustin United Band, Dark Sarah, Hammerhed, Sähköpaimen, Soulstab, Lazy Whale, Void in Black, Wolfchild, Lost Madison, The Mr Chaos Trio, Whipping Post, Distance, Jolene... All of us have been playing for 15-25 years.

Meet the band member

Mirka Huttunen

Mirka Huttunen


Matti Salonen

Matti Salonen

Guitar and backing vocals

Mr. Jones Huttunen

Mr. Jones Huttunen


Rude Rothstén

Rude Rothstén


Juha Pihlaja

Juha Pihlaja


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